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I died last night

Halfway into a song

No recollection

Of what went wrong

But who am I

to know what’s right

I’m done with that

I’m done with that fight

Slipping gently

Into blackness of death

Heart still beating

Steady with the breath

Brother on my left

Brother on my right

Sister in the middle

Keeper of my light

Letting go is overrated

Let it be is underrated

In three minutes I’m reinstated

Is it a relief or do I hate it...?

Limited body

Unlimited being

Ever present

Being... seeing

The children came up

Sweet embodiments of life

An invitation to

Give up the strife

Move the body

Work with the land

Heal that shoulder

Try n understand

That life is here

Life is now

Count the blessings

Take a bow.

And remember to say Wow!