We have been playing with the idea of asking one of my teachers, Swami Sarvananda Saraswati to start online Vedanta and Yoga Philosophy classes for our Scandinavian family. Swamiji visited Scandinavia last year and now he’s agreed to do it. It is an honour and privilege to have an authentic and learned teacher from a pristine lineage who can share the ancient wisdom with us with clarity, precision and authenticity. 

We have made a flyer with all details and links and a detailed description of the course which will be over 12 sessions every second week, starting February 9, 2020. Please have a look. Feel free to share it with friends and family who you feel will benefit from this. You’re welcome to write to me or my dear friend Mathias Gopala Hagman from Gävle Yogaskola for any queries or clarifications. Looking forward to seeing many of you in in the sessions. 🙏

PS: Since the picture below is a jpeg, the embedded links are not clickable. I'm adding them here.
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